RealFreeVPN supports PPTP and L2TP Protocols with 10Mbps bandwidth limit per user. At the moment we cannot offer faster VPN accounts due to the high amount of active connections.


Session limits

Every 12 hours the account password will be changed, the maximum idle session time is one hour and the maximum session time is three hours.

Online in an Instant

All you have to do is setup your VPN client and you're online. For more information on how to setup a VPN client visit the how to page Here


No ports or service blocking

You can browse facebook, twitter, google and surf the web, use any instant messenger or even torrents. We do not block any port or service.

Anonymous and secure

When you connect to our servers all communication is encrypted to keep your idendity safe, your ISP will only know that you are communicating with our servers but it will be impossible for them to decrypt the data being transmitted or received over the VPN tunnel. Not even in 100 years.